Donation Campaign

We welcome and deeply appreciate your support!

The needs are evolving in our community. And we’re evolving too with new programs and a new vision that builds on our strong, 35-year foundation of grace and compassion. We are increasing our impact by serving more people, logging more volunteer hours, and distributing more food than ever before. It’s important for us to be here for those who need us, now more than ever. Thank you!

Here are a few of the ways you’ve helped your neighbors:

Cynthia was managing on her own, making ends meet with a job and a one-bedroom apartment. Then her daughter, who is struggling with addiction, left her three-year-old son for Cynthia to take care of. He needs childcare for Cynthia to continue working and there are other expenses too. Cynthia visited Western Wake Crisis Ministry’s pantry for food to stock her kitchen. She was also able to talk with a Resource Assistance Volunteer about SNAP benefits, Medicaid, childcare options and possible addiction resources for her daughter. There are so many things to think of with a preschooler in her home and it helps to have someone who cares to help her navigate her new situation.

Jason was injured in a car accident 2 months ago. Now he can’t work his warehouse job. As he waits to hear about receiving disability, his wife has picked up more hours at work. But they still couldn’t pay the rent last month. He came to Western Wake Crisis Ministry and Resource Volunteers were able to keep his family housed.

Shari has been unable to leave her house easily for over a year now due to debilitating arthritis. Her children have families of their own and do not live locally. Sometimes neighbors help her with doctor appointments, but it was hard to find a way to get groceries until she signed up for Western Wake Crisis Ministry’s Home Delivery Program. Now, once a month, a volunteer brings a hand-picked load of groceries to her door. This is a bright spot in her week. The volunteer helps to unload and put away her groceries, and then stays to catch up with Shari and hear how she’s doing.


 Maria’s Story

“Going to Western Wake Crisis Ministry means we don’t have to choose between paying our bills and eating. I just love the people there. We’ve become family.”

When Maria moved to Apex with her children and husband, he found a job, but it didn’t cover their expenses.

The day she was handed a resource information sheet, Maria learned about Western Wake Crisis Ministry. And it
didn’t come a moment too soon.

“Our electricity was about to be cut off. We got help that day. What I didn’t realize then was how special this place is and how they would help us on so many levels.”

When Maria was introduced to the Food Pantry, she found more than just groceries.

“It’s hard on your self-esteem to ask for food, but I’m treated with kindness and respect and I can nourish my family. They also look for ways to educate, like the helpful cooking class I took with my kids. I always come out with more knowledge! You’re not just another person, you feel like you belong.”

What started as a visit for a crisis, has developed into a relationship that continues to sustain Maria’s family today. “Going to Western Wake Crisis Ministry means we don’t have to choose between paying our bills and eating. I just love the people there. We’ve become family.”