Host a Food Drive

WWCM’s food pantry is stocked with donations from individuals and community groups. We appreciate the contributions we receive from food drives! Businesses, service groups, youth groups, churches, and other community organizations often host food drives, to encourage their members to contribute!

Use your imagination and make it fun!

  • Place grocery bags at every employee or student desk – or every neighbor’s front door!

  • Throw a pizza party, school dance, or other event and charge a can or bag of food for admission.

  • Create competitions with lots of categories – largest individual donation, most protein, most unusual food, or match your weight with pounds of food.

  • Have Macaroni Mondays, Tuna Tuesdays, Peanut Butter Week, to encourage donations of high protein foods.

  • Display daily or weekly totals in high traffic areas.

Our most needed items for the food pantry are:

Dried pasta                                                                                     Macaroni and cheese

Pasta sauce – Ragu, Hunts, etc.                                                  Tomato products – diced, whole, sauce, etc.

Soup                                                                                                 Canned fruit

Rice                                                                                                  Dried beans

Canned beans                                                                                Protein – canned tuna, chicken, etc.

Cereal                                                                                              Ramen noodles

Canned pasta – ravioli, Spaghetti o’s, etc.                               Toilet paper

Baking products – flour, sugar, Splenda, oil, etc.                  Canned vegetables

Household products, including laundry detergent, dish detergent, paper towels, etc.

Of course, any and all donations are welcomed!

Please contact us to make arrangements for delivery of your collected food items. We are able to take donations after hours, by appointment.