Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to residents in crisis. We are able to assist with energy, housing, repair, fuel, prescription costs and related needs. As part of our financial assistance service, we may refer clients to other organizations that are able to help, as we work in conjunction with area agencies and faith groups.

Visitors requesting assistance are seen on a “first come, first serve” basis from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Thursday. We accept requests from Apex, New Hill, Friendship, and Holly Springs residents. Please bring:

  • Your valid government-issued photo ID and current utility bill (Duke Energy or Town of Apex) at each visit to prove current residency.

  • A copy of the past due bill you are seeking help with.

We may ask for documentation of the crisis situation that has created a shortfall in your usual finances. For example, if you have recently lost your job and are requesting our help with a utility bill, we may ask for documentation of the job loss. We understand that in some situations there may be disability or medical needs that we need to consider.

Please note: Our new evening hours are for food assistance only.