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A brighter future for all by cultivating a healthy, hunger-free and housing-stable community.


Partnering with those in crisis, helping them gain stability through basic supports for food, financial/housing assistance, education, and opportunity.


is not just created because we live near one another but because we join together in work, service, learning, governance, recreation, and life.

is manifested through empathy and respect and sensitivity. Compassion requires meeting people where they are in whatever pain or anxiety or struggle that they are experiencing, without judgement but with care.

embodies fairness and justice and dignity for all people.

we want to make a difference, not just provide a service.

believing that we can make a difference, that there is hope for positive change.

we cannot have any of the values listed above without genuine relationships that include listening, vulnerability, openness, and love.

goes hand in hand with optimism as we imagine a future that is better, and we imagine a path that gets us there.

Western Wake Crisis Ministry acknowledges that racism is real, it is destructive, and it does exist within our community and our country.

We value diversity and inclusion. We strongly believe that Black and Brown lives matter. We believe in listening to and advocating for people of color, acknowledging their pain, and supporting ways to end the practices and policies, including white privilege, that have led to fear and injustice.

The values outlined above that we adopted in 2018 are here to guide us in times like these.

Collectively, these values mean that we will stand with our Black and Brown friends and neighbors when they feel the pain and ramifications of racism and we say, we hear you, we see you, we care. And we will find ways to act that are helpful, beginning with examining ourselves and our practices to increase our awareness and to be more sensitive.

As we begin to explore ways to do this as an organization, we ask our stakeholders, our staff, volunteers and our community to begin or continue your individual journeys as well, exploring opportunities to address the ugliness of systemic racism. Let us be the change that leads to a healthy, hunger-free, housing-stable community for all.

Citizen of the Year Award
Honoring our Volunteers

Partner Agency with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. WWCM distributed 150,646 pounds of food in 2021-2022

WWCM will be CLOSED Dec. 22 - Jan. 1. Please hold all food donations until we reopen on Jan. 2.

2024 Neighbors Helping Neighbors Charity Golf Tournament

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