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Serving our neighbors... together.

We work together to facilitate opportunities for people in Western Wake County to serve each other when there is a need for assistance with food, finances, job searches, and basic health screenings.


Western Wake Crisis Ministry (WWCM) is here to help our neighbors when they are in need of food and financial assistance, job search assistance, and basic health screenings.

We are located in the 540 Flex Business Park, at 1600 Olive Chapel Road in Apex. In addition to four part-time staff members, we are fortunate to have a steady team of generous and kind volunteers who are ready and able to serve.

We are nourished by our roots in the Christian faith and strengthened by the diversity in our community.


We envision a brighter future for all in Western Wake County by cultivating a healthy, hunger-free, and housing-stable community.


We actively work toward this vision by partnering with those in crisis, helping them gain stability through basic supports for food, financial/housing assistance, education, and opportunity.


Community. We strive to be a benefit to the whole community and our stakeholders.

Compassion. We treat all people with compassion, respect, and sensitivity.

Equity. We are committed to fairness, equality, and dignity for all people in everything that we do.

Impact. We want to make a difference, not just provide a service.

Optimism. We know optimism brings positive results.

Relationship. We want to build relationships with all our stakeholders.

Vision. We are continuously focused on the future and making it brighter.



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