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Jackie’s Story

“Welcome to the inside of the Western Wake Crisis Ministry and food pantry. These are the words I heard when I first visited them, with tears in my eyes. It was early December 2018 and I was met with complete understanding and compassion. For Apex residents this is an essential resource for supplemental assistance. I initially felt guilty taking steps to supplement our family’s nutrition-knowing there are a line of folks, needing assistance more than I thought we did at the time. I met and talked with half a dozen others who were like me, waiting for assistance. .

As a one income family, we were trying to secure a second job to raise our family and save where we can. It only took a few weeks of my husband being out of work for us to begin to struggle with making ends meet. It was hard – paying the electricity bill and meeting the need for basics like groceries and gas for the week. Every community should have a WWCM because it’s hard to deny the need. It is there and it is dire during these times for many families like ours.

We have donated food and household items in the past to WWCM and through our church, which also gives generously throughout the year. So, it was a special blessing to be able to reach out to them when we needed the support. I’ve volunteered my time in several areas of the community over the last decade, but I will directly give more back to this nonprofit with time and treasure in the near future.

Please know there is a resourceful, caring community at WWCM to lift your family up or to help those you know who need assistance. Do not be ashamed. Please know, as a member of this community or as a local business owner, giving to Western Wake Crisis Ministry directly with financial support or through a food drive, is the best way to support local families, who could be your employees and customers.” 

~Jackie F. 

WWCM will be CLOSED Dec. 24 - Jan. 2. Please hold all food donations until we reopen on Jan. 3.

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