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Celebrating the Life of Queen Hunter

The Rev. Dr. Queen Elizabeth Hunter, a beloved and longtime member of WWCM’s Board of Directors, passed away on Thursday, November 29, 2018. Queen served on WWCM’s Board for more than 24 years.

Queen always focused on how WWCM could better serve people in need and challenged us to expand services however we could. We will also remember her fondly as someone who didn’t pull any punches but always challenged us in a way that could be received. She didn’t make it personal; yet she didn’t let up either. She could do this in a way that most people cannot because she was in touch with people.

As we have asked our Board members to reflect on Queen’s legacy, the one thing we’ve heard over and over again was how Queen poured herself out for others. She could see someone’s pain. She could see their struggles. And she would soothe that person with her words and her prayers. What powerful prayers she prayed – filled with the Holy Spirit, covering all those within hearing distance with blessings, mercy and hope.

As one Board member remarked, “If you ever wondered whether the Holy Spirit was present, all you had to do is ask Queen to pray and she never left any doubts once she got started. Some of her prayers were better than a sermon on Sunday for getting you fired up and ready to go!”

Another Board member commented, “Queen will be missed for she is surely a Christian soldier paving the way for our ministry in the Apex community.”

Deidra Hunter, Queen’s daughter, shared with us that even in the hospital, her ‘Mama’ was blessing others and praying for others. She never let go and never gave up on the things she believed in. And she believed in people, she believed in us, and she believed in the healing, loving power of Christ.

Similarly, Executive Director Beth Bordeaux remembers, “When my son was a young boy, he was so busy that it was hard to get his attention and keep it. So, I would hold his face in my hands and get close to him, looking him in the eye so that I could be sure he heard and understood that this thing I was saying was important and I needed him to remember. In my short experience with Queen, she pulled me into her in that way. She didn’t hold my face in her hands, but she held me with her eyes and with her voice and with her heart and she spoke words of wisdom and challenge and hope.”

WWCM is truly grateful for Queen’s steadfast dedication and significant contributions to our work.

WWCM will be CLOSED Dec. 24 - Jan. 2. Please hold all food donations until we reopen on Jan. 3.

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