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A Story of Hope

Yesterday, a gentleman told me his story . . . While he never went to college, he had worked his way into a successful career, bought a house, and was doing well with his family until one day he lost his job through a layoff. He was unable to find another job without a college degree and couldn’t imagine starting over.

Time went by as he continued to look for work unsuccessfully. His marriage was strained, he lost his house to foreclosure, and he started coming to WWCM for food. He felt like this was the lowest point if his life. His extended family helped him pay the bills and he started taking classes at Wake Tech. For months he has come in for food assistance but never talked much. As he is completing his Associate’s degree, he just started a new job this month that has lots of promise.

All he wanted from the pantry this time was a little meat because meat is expensive. He said if he could just come in for a few more months and just get meat, then he thinks he’ll be fine. He didn’t want to take one bit more than what he absolutely needed to get by. He’s proud and for the first time in a long time, I think he felt like things were going to be ok. He just wanted to thank us for being there when he wasn’t able to talk about how hard it all was.

~Beth Bordeaux, Executive Director

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