Stories of Hope

 The Power of Partnerships

    They didn’t know where they would go, but they knew they had to leave. “Cheryl,” along with her three children and her mother, got in the car with all the belongings they could carry and drove away – fleeing domestic violence. They stayed in a hotel until their savings were depleted, then started camping in their car, and doing the best they could.

    But something needed to change.

    On the day the family came into Western Wake Crisis Ministry, they were out of options. Hungry and tired, they would soon learn they’d come to the right place.

    The first thing the WWCM volunteer did was have the grandmother see the nurse, who was onsite that day as part of the partnership with the UNC School of Nursing. The nurse found the grandmother’s blood pressure to be too high, so she was given a voucher to renew a lapsed prescription at the nearby Walgreen’s pharmacy, which works with Western Wake Crisis Ministry to help those who have medication needs. The family was immediately provided with food and a gas card to help with their transportation. WWCM volunteers also went to work to get the children registered for school and connected with school social workers.

    Still, this family was without a place to live.

    Fortunately, WWCM has referral relationships with several other non-profits and moved quickly to connect the family with a shelter as well as a re-housing program in Raleigh that works exclusively with families experiencing homelessness.

    Where are Cheryl and her family today?

    They’re home. Now, with a roof over their heads, this mother, this grandmother, and these children have the long-term support they need so they can focus on rebuilding their lives and finding the peace they were looking for when they got in their car all those months ago.

    Partnerships. You can see them woven throughout Cheryl’s story. When someone walks through the doors at Western Wake Crisis Ministry, they don’t just get us, they get a whole compassionate community.

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  Jonathan’s Story

    “Jonathan” is only in high school, but his mom is sick and he carries the burden of holding his family together. They came to Western Wake Crisis Ministry seeking help with bills they couldn’t pay. As he sat in our office, shoulders drooped, his mom crying next to him, the Financial Aid Volunteer gently talked with him to learn their whole story . . .

    Right away she saw many ways that Jonathan and his mother could be helped. She started by contacting his school guidance office so they could provide support. She told his mother about the mobile on-site nursing services and medication vouchers. Then she explained how Western Wake Crisis Ministry can provide limited rental assistance and connected them with a church that could help pay the balance . . . She also asked if they needed groceries.

    As Jonathan and his mother made their way through the food pantry, selecting healthy, fresh items to take home, you could see the weight on his shoulders start to lift . . . and hope return to his eyes, knowing that someone cares.

    Every day, more people walk through the doors at Western Wake Crisis Ministry. And things aren’t always simple. Housing, transportation, medical issues . . . often a family’s situation calls for more than a bag of groceries or help with an expense.

  Western Wake Crisis Ministry is well known in the community for its food pantry, but your support helps us offer so much more.

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