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The needs are more complex than we imagine. In an area like Western Wake County, one of the best places to live in America, we don’t imagine children going to bed hungry or families living in a hotel after being evicted. But crisis happens here. The cost of health care, the loss of a job, or a major repair can send a family spiraling.


Over 3000 students in Apex area schools are food insecure


Over 4000 students were identified in Wake County Public Schools as homeless during the 2018-19 school year

(a 51% increase from five years ago)


Over 16,500 households faced eviction in Wake County in 2018, 2,680 in the Western Wake region

Your Financial Commitment Will Make A Difference


Provides a new cooler and ice packs for grocery delivery to an elderly neighbor. 


Keeps a family's electricity on this winter.


Provides groceries for a family for a month.


Ensures a family remains in their home and doesn't face eviction.


Provides support for the summer food program, ensuring that children have healthy fruits and vegetables and easy to prepare foods to take home each week.


Provides intensive case management for one family to move from homelessness to stability.


Provides 14 hours of professional coach training for six Impact Coach volunteers.


Western Wake Crisis Ministry is addressing these complex issues every day. We are developing new programs like the HOME Project for families and individuals on the cusp of homelessness and Impact Coaching for those who are seeking long-term strategies to prevent another financial crisis. We are working collaboratively with other organizations and local government to raise awareness and to increase opportunities that move folks from crisis to stability and sustainability. And, we continue to provide direct, concrete support through food and resource assistance.

All we ask at this time, is to consider how you can help and to make your gift before December 31, 2019.

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